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The orchards are managed according to the rules of Organic Agriculture. Basically, we just mow the grass and prune the branches. And promote the pests natural predator to control it.


We do everything ourself:

- harvested by hand on the ground

- washed with clear water

- grated or shreded

oxydized to Remove the astringency

- pressed gently during 3 hours

- keeved to remove the pectins

- natural fermented

- bottled with no sulfites

- second natural fermentation in the bottle, the bubbles


We are a young and dynamic team

Goël is our labrador, he is in charge of the security when not asleep, he is the baby-sitter, coach and motivator!

Jasper the cat is useless beside playing with mice.

Kate is the marketing Director, press attachée, driver, banker, accountant.

Cédric is the farmer, the tour guide, driver, that's him you will see at the cider mill.

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Cidrerie du Léguer

40 impasse de Kerlinn

22300 Lannion

+33 2 96 54 70 67

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