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We have a small family farm with just 6ha of apples and all are harvested manually. Work in the orchard is simple, we only mow the grass and prune the trees, there is no use of pesticides or any other treatment. We harvest each orchard three times from October to December, with the apples left to further ripen before pressed 3 to 4 weeks later. There is a long fermentation process, with the 1st fermentation in the cuvée lasting 5 months before bottling in spring, followed by a 2nd fermentation in the bottle (3 months).

We do not add any sulfites, the cider is made from pure juice, naturally sparkling and spontaneous, no collage, only racking and filtering when required.

All ciders are brut or extra brut. Each cuvées is made by me according my taste.


It's our best cuvée ! It runs out very quicky...

It is intended for experts and gourmets who know cider.


Smooth bitterness, no astringency, good length on the palate, complex.


Our cider vinegar!

Pure juice no water, sulfite free, unfiltered, not stuck to pork gelatine


It's the cider which is easy to get and appreciate. Every year is different because we are small producers.

Round, generous, fruity, subtle tannins. Not bitter.


We don't drink a lot of apple juice, but when we drink it we want to have the taste of apples, long in the mouth, with a lot of flavors, not too many sugar and not too acid and above all unfiltered!


Take it as it is and with what you want. No protocol, it can be enjoyed as an aperitif, meal or dessert.

Fruity, slightly mineral, good length on the palate. Lively on the palate.




Fresh, fruity, dry, straight.


With a subtle taste of rhubarb, it is the perfect cider to accompany a roast chicken or a sausage.


Nice tannins fruity, not sharp rhubarb flavour. complex, good length on the palate.


Storm in the glass and in the mouth.


Fresh, nice bitterness, fruity. Notes of citrus, lychee, passion fruit.


Enjoy as an aperitif or with Grandma's pie.

Nice tension, flowery (Elder flower), fruity, fresh, round.


Acidulated like a white wine, the Accident goes well with seafood meals and still remains a good companion for the aperitif...

Mineral, fruity, no bitterness, sharp like white wine.

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